Welcome to Splazza. We surface the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest gadgets. Splazza mainly targets America,Europe, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets. The brand was founded in 2015, Its business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

Where You Can Find Us

Splazza now ships to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. With websites supporting the United States, Spain, France,Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East, Splazza can ship goods from one of its many global warehouses. Splazza continues to thrive, partly because of the company's values in controlling internal production excellence. Splazza is committed to providing the highest value of creative items, and at the same time committed to quality, value and service.

Quality inspection

Before officially putting all products on the market, we will conduct quality inspections on all products. There are ideal positions at every stage of production. Our workers follow the guidelines to ensure the appearance of the final product is flawless.

Review The Product Again

After the quality inspection, each product is sent to our warehouse, where our employees will review the product again during the packaging stage. Although we take many steps toward quality assurance, occasionally something will slip. If you are ever dissatisfied with your product, we invite you to contact our customer service.

Warehouse System

Logistics and transportation is a critical process. We are continually thinking about how to save time and cost. We have established a well-organized warehouse that is continually developing methods of increased efficiency, when it comes to stocking, distribution, sorting, packaging, etc. In the past 5 years, we have grown from a small storehouse to a warehouse of over 6,000 square meters.


In terms of transportation, we coordinate with companies so that we can always have plane or truck on standby for us. Splazza has shipped to more than 220 countries around the world, including the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East, etc.


We understand that waiting for express delivery can a difficult but surprising process. We hope to exceed your expectations when it comes to trasnporting your goods.

We're so confident you'll love our products,100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't like something you bought? Tell us about it, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.

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